Whitley Strieber will be on Coast to Coast am with Art Bell on Wednesday, October 9. Whitley’s exciting new novel “Lilith’s Dream” is now in bookstores everywhere! Publisher’s Weekly has said, “Strieber remains a superb prose stylist, with a coherent and persuasive vision of vampirism…” They also complained that some parts of the book were “X-rated.” Whitley disagees: “Sex is clean. It’s the people who are repulsed by it who are dirty. My book is full of good, clean sex and I’m proud of it.”

Lilith’s Dream is not strictly entertainment, according to Whitley. “I am trying to depict the dangerous dance between good and evil that is at the core of human experience, and to say some things about the visitors that have never been said before, that are, in a sense deep secrets. I tried to express some profound truths about how they might be a very, very dark force, but how we can use the pressure they put us under to evolve, and–above all–to find a new and desperately needed love for our own kind.”

He went on to say, “On the surface, this is not a book about the visitors. But that’s only on the surface. Everything I write is about the visitors. Their meaning, their existence, their significance dominate my life and my work. Nothing is ever a departure from this, and everything I do is part of my search for the kind of deep, genuine understanding that truly matters when it comes to them. My new visitor–er, vampire–is called Lilith. She’s thousands of years old, and her earthly journey reflects deeply held secrets about time travel and the visitors that are just now being revealed by experts like Bill Hamilton. (Ed. note: He’s referring to an interview that Mr. Hamilton gave to Linda Howe that will appear on Dreamland October 5.)

“And then there is the matter of the darkness of the situation. Many years ago, I said that I believed that the close encounter experience may be “what evolution looks like when it is applied to a conscious mind.” It’s not pretty, but in the end, there is a powerful, numinous and completely unexpected experience for all the characters concerned in the novel. If you want to know where I think that our ancient and terrible relationship with the visitors is heading, you will find it in these pages.”

Right now, the ONLY autographed copies of Lilith’s Dream will be the ones he does on his tour. So sheck out his destinations to see if you can meet him in person and get your book signed. If you want to hear Whitley read an excerpt from his new book, click “Listen Now” at the top of our homepage.

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, Whitley will be at the Borders Books & Music on 1072 Preston Road in Dallas, TX at 7 pm for a reading and discussion. He?ll be glad to sign copies of ?Lilith?s Dream.?

Friday, Oct. 18, he?ll be in San Diego, CA at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. at 7 pm for a reading and book signing.

On Saturday, Oct. 19, he?ll be at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA, on 4213 W. Burbank Blvd. starting at 2 pm.

The following week, on Oct. 24, he?ll be in Austin, Texas at Book People on 603 N. Lamar at 7 pm.

He hopes to get a chance to see many of his listeners and readers in person.

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