This is news? Apparently scientists think so, because they?ve announced that housework causes people (mostly women) to become clinically depressed. This is in contrast to other forms of exercise, which have been shown to improve people’s emotional states. Professor Nanette Mutrie says, “With vigorous exercise, the effect is clear; the more you do, the better it is for wellbeing. With housework it is the opposite?the more you do, the more depression you report.”

Researchers at the University of Glasgow asked hundreds of people about their activity levels at home, at work and in their leisure time, and assessed their replies on a measurement scale to see how different activities affected people?s moods. They found that vigorous exercise made people feel better, but housework made them feel worse. Mutrie thinks this could be caused by other factors, such as taking care of the kids, and says, “It may be that there is a psychological explanation, such as the fact that housework is viewed as a chore?that people feel they have to do it.”

Or maybe it?s just a lot more fun to go skiing.

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