Inventors are working hard to create self-driving cars: There have been so many trials of them in Nevada that it has become the first American state to pass a law to regulate such trials on public roads.

The Economist reports that "Volvo’s new V40 small hatchback essentially drives itself in busy traffic, maintaining a safe distance and keeping in lane without human intervention. The V40 also brakes automatically when it senses an imminent collision, as can Ford’s new B-Max minivan. Such features appeared on some pricey vehicles a few years ago, but are now arriving on much cheaper models. Nissan is working on software that anticipates a driver’s next move–for instance, adjusting the speed and position of the car going into a turn. This summer America’s traffic-safety agency will put 3,000 test cars on Michigan’s roads equipped with a variety of such ‘driver-assist’ features."

The Economist has a warning for us too: "What of the danger that all these crash-prevention devices will lure drivers into taking more risks? Only time will tell, but at least one study shows that early anti-lock braking systems used to encourage aggressive driving. Cars are getting cleverer, but it will be years before they can make up for the stupidity of some drivers."

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