CERN in Geneva isn’t the only place that researchers are looking for the "God particle." Scientists at the Tevatron accelerator in the US say they have also seen possible hints of the Higgs boson (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

At CERN, there is about a one in 36 chance that the data anomaly they’ve seen is the just coincidence–however, the fact that the US collider is getting the same results makes it more likely that the data is real.

In BBC News, Jason Palmer quotes Rob Roser, spokesman for the CDF collider in the US, as saying, "It’s a different accelerator, different detectors and a different decay channel. It adds to the picture, and it’s starting to make a compelling case, but we can’t make quite as bold a statement as we would like. I just wish either one of us just had more data right now. It’s frustrating."

Palmer quotes physicist Tony Weidberg as saying, "It’s interesting because it’s another little hint. It makes it a little bit more likely that we’re going to end the year with a discovery rather than an exclusion.

"The proof of the pudding will be in the (CERN) data that we’ll get this year; by the end of the year we’ll have moved away from hints to either discovery or exclusion–and either of those results is exciting to me."
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