Everyone wants to learn about their roots, which is why so many African-Americans are having their DNA tested. But we don’t just inherit our looks and perhaps our personalities?our susceptibility to disease is also inherited, and if we can find out what genes we have, we can deal with these problems before they get too serious.

University of Wisconsin researchers say that you will be able to receive information about your family’s genetic history within three years for less than $100. In the Indepdendent, Jane Feinmann quotes US Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona as advising us to use family reunions, such as Thanksgiving dinner, as an chance “to trace illnesses suffered by parents and other blood relatives.” There?s even a web site to help you do this.

She quotes geneticist Mike Murray as saying, “Getting advice from your doctor on preventing premature death from heart disease has more of an impact when you can see your risk of developing the disease in a graph in front of you.”

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There’s an ancient legacy that was kept secret for thousands of years, but has recently come to light. It’s all about history that has been lost but is now being found.

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