We recently wrote about how a low level of sunspot activity may give us a reprieve when it comes to global warming, and now the oceans are cooling off as well. We now have a chance (if we take it) to do something about greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late.

Despite the fact that temperatures around the world are rising, the oceans are getting cooler, which suggests that in climate change, the progression is not steady, but can take occasional dips. This is another chance for governments to do something about problem, although there has been very little action on this in industrialized countries and nothing at all has been done in the US.

In LiveScience.com, Sara Goudarzi quotes NASA researcher Josh Willis as saying, “This research suggests global warming isn’t always steady, but happens with occasional ‘speed bumps.? This cooling is probably natural climate variability. The oceans today are still warmer than they were during the 1980s, and most scientists expect the oceans will eventually continue to warm in response to human-induced climate change.”

One of the most dangerous signs of global warming is the rise in sea levels. Willis says, “The recent cooling episode suggests sea level should have actually decreased in the past two years. Despite this, sea level has continued to rise. This may mean that sea level rise has recently shifted from being mostly caused by warming to being dominated by melting. This idea is consistent with recent estimates of ice-mass loss in Antarctica and accelerating ice-mass loss on Greenland.”

NOAA?s John Lyman says, “Other studies have shown that a similar rapid cooling took place from 1980 to 1983. But overall, the long-term trend is warming.”

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In order to do something about the threat of global warming, we need a government that is prepared to act, but instead, according to Jim Marrs, we have a group of politicians who are HIDING the truth. This is nothing new, but it is rapidly becoming an emergency.

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