Cosmic rays, the highest-energy particles in the universe, are being sent to earth from someplace beyond our galaxy and no one can figure out where they’re coming from.

Ronald Kotulak reports in the Chicago Tribune that an international group of astronomers, including scientists from Fermilab and the University of Chicago, are trying to solve this mystery.

William Henry, who interviewed controversial author Michael Baigent for a recent Dreamland show, says, “Today, scientists nowresearch the cutting edge theory that cosmic rays stimulatehuman evolution. Powerful new observatories are being builtto answer the question of how this happens. With this newknowledge we will be one step closer toward revealing thedeepest spiritual knowledge of our past, how humankindevolves, and clues for healing our world.Rosicrucians teachthat ‘I.N.R.I.,’ the inscription placed upon the Cross by Pilate, actually stands for ‘By Fire (Cosmic Rays?), Humanity is Renewed. Whole.'”

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