World food crops are in trouble, and continued drought across much of the US is causing harvests to decline and food prices to rise. Is there a food shortage in the world’s future, even in the affluent West?

Howard Harris writes in the Alpha Omega report that things are not looking so good for world’s biggest food crop, #2 Hard Red Winter Wheat. This wheat is THE wheat product used to make bread. This winter’s severe weather in America’s breadbasket states, from Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas, where #2 Hard red winter wheat is the primary crop grown, has affected the yield much more than was expected. Agricultural officials in Kansas say they expect to harvest 25% less wheat this year and this comes at a time when there is increasing worldwide demand for it, as Asian countries like Japan and China move to a more Western style diet.

Japan is facing a possible food shortage as well, especially since it is now competing with an increased Chinese demand for soybeans and rice.

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