There’s evidence that we were – Whitley Strieber has often discussed evidence that a great human civilization collapsed between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, and now there is evidence that human beings were also much smarter then.

Two researchers say that a now-extinct race of humans had big eyes, child-like faces, and a genius-level IQ of around 150 (does this description sound familiar? Perhaps the Visitors are really time travelers, as Anne Strieber discusses on our first Dreamland show of 2010) NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

The evidence? Hominid skull fragments, indicating an abnormally large skull size, which were discovered in 1913 in Boskop, South Africa, by farmers digging a drainage ditch. And astonishing evidence has surfaced on Crete of the presence of early hominids on the island between 130,000 years ago and 800,000 years ago. Previously, the oldest human artifacts on the island dated to just 9,000 years. This means that long sea voyages were being undertaken on earth long before the emergence of homo sapiens. The axes and other artifacts found closely resemble tools left in Africa by homo erectus 800,000 years ago. Previously, it has been known that homo erectus sailed among the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, but these were all distantly visible to each other. A voyage to Crete from the mainland would have involved sailing out of sight of land, a feat that was thought to have been far beyond the capabilities of any pre-human species, let alone one more primitive than Neanderthals. Archeologist still aren’t sure if African hominids used Crete as a stepping stone to reach Europe or accidentally ended up on Crete from time to time when their rafts were blown out to sea. In Science News, Bruce Bower quotes archeologist Thomas Strasser as saying, “We’re just going to have to accept that, as soon as hominids left Africa, they were long-distance seafarers and rapidly spread all over the place.”

On the Discovery website, Gary Lynch and Richard Granger say that these incredible discoveries have been almost forgotten because most people feel more comfortable thinking of our ancestors as being much less intelligent than we are today. They say, “They’re easy to make fun of and easy to accept as our precursors. In contrast, the very fact of an ancient ancestor like Boskop, who appears un-apelike and in fact in most ways seems to have had characteristics superior to ours, was destined never to be popular.”

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