Here’s news you won’t find in your ordinary media: The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says that genetically-modified foods pose “a serious health risk,” and has called for an immediate US moratorium on all GM foods. The trouble is, they may be hard to avoid in the future: More than 70% of the foods on supermarket shelves already contain derivatives of the eight GM foods on the market, such as soy, corn, oil from canola and cottonseed and sugar from sugar beets. Eventually, the biotech industry wants to genetically engineer every type of vegetable, fruit, grains, and beans. After that, they will begin to bioengineer animals.

Most GM plants have been created to survive being sprayed with the pesticide Roundup, meaning they absorb this poison, while bacteria genes have been inserted into others so that they can tolerate herbicides. This means that an entire field can be sprayed, rather than weeded: The weeds will die but the plants will survive. But WHAT KIND of plants will they be? These are vegetables that have absorbed large amounts of chemicals which the humans who eat them ARE NOT immune to.

In his book Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, Jeffrey M. Smith reports that biologist Pushpa M. Bhargava believes that GM foods are the major reason for the recent rise in serious illnesses in the US. He quotes allergist John Boyles as saying, “Now that soy is genetically engineered, it is so dangerous that I tell people never to eat it.”

We know that GM seeds are new, but pesticides were not even available to farmers until the 1920s: Everything was organic before then. At first they were hailed with enthusiasm, but now that people realized that they can be dangerous to eat, they’re looking for other ways to attack insects. One of these this by stretching nets over the growing plants.

Israeli researcher Avi Klayman, the so of a concentration camp survivor who built window screens following the war, has used his father’s expertise to develop an advanced screening technique protects plants from pests while letting in sunlight. His invention saved Israeli’s tomato crop from ruin following the white fly infestation of the late 1980s. Klayman has since gone on to develop 7 different kinds of agri-nets, designed with micro-fibers construction to catch even the smallest insects. On the Care2 website, Beth Buczynski quotes Natural News reporter Ethan Huff as saying, “In the rare case that one of these bugs was able to get through the net, the unique design of the nets would filter the light in such a way that the pests would be immediately blinded and immobilized once inside.”

Meanwhile, India, which India first allowed the use of genetically modified seeds for cotton in 2002, has banned commercial cultivation of what would have been its first GM vegetable crop: the small eggplant called the aubergine. India is the largest producer of aubergines in the world and grows more than 4,000 varieties.

BBC News quotes Environment minister Jairam Ramesh as saying, “Public sentiment is negative. It is my duty to adopt a cautious, precautionary, principle-based approach. The decision is responsible to science and responsive to society, ” and reports that his decision has put any cultivation of GM vegetables in India on hold indefinitely. When GM rice was first introduced in India, there were reports of suicides by farmers, since GM seeds cannot be reused.

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