Great strides are being made, when it comes to creating invisibility.

Baile Zhang, a scientist from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, caused his audience to gasp when he demonstrated the following experiment: He used a small box made of calcite optical crystal to bend light around an object, making anything placed behind the box invisible to people watching the demonstration

The March 1st edition of the Telegraph quotes Zhang as saying he created the device "just for fun. I just think the idea is cool. Plus, I hope this work will demonstrate that simple tools can sometimes fulfill important functions that previously required complicated methods.

"There are still many limitations here and I don’t have the answers for how to solve them. At this stage, this is already the best we can do. There will be quite a long way to go before it can be applied on a practical level. But all researchers in this field, including myself, are making progress, albeit slowly."

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