by Trish and Rob MacGregor

In the aftermath of an early morning UFO encounter in his back yard that ended with both he and his wife losing consciousness, Charles Fontaine was haunted by a series of strange coincidences and paranormal experiences. Even though he rarely read books outside of his field in aeronautics, he went to a bookstore in a Montreal mall and picked up one book, the French edition of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity.

He began reading it at home in rural Quebec and as he reached the second chapter, he paused and Googled the phrase ‘synchronicity and UFOs.’ That led him right into another synchronicity, an image on a blog that showed a hovering UFO beaming light to the ground, similar to what he had experienced. Looking more closely, he realized he was on a synchronicity blog written by the authors of the book he was reading.

That was when he knew he had to contact the authors, and that was how we met Charles Fontaine, who became a central figure in our book, Aliens in the Backyard: UFOs, Abductions, & Synchronicity.

Since Carl Jung first wrote about his concept of synchronicity in 1949, in the introduction to Richard Wilhelm’s edition of the I Ching, the word – the concept – seems to have reached a tipping point. If you Google the word, nearly 6 million links appear. And yet, twenty years ago, even ten years ago, if you mentioned this word in the company of strangers, you got a lot of weird looks.

A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. As Jung defined it, it’s the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the person who experiences it and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In its simplest form, you’re thinking of your college roommate, with whom you lost touch twenty years ago, and that very day you receive a friend request from that person on Facebook. In its more complex forms, it blows your head wide open and turns your life inside out like a dirty sock.

It’s an intricate component of the visitor/abduction experience, of afterlife communication, and may be the phenomenon that actually links the two. It seems to exist along the border of what quantum physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order of existence and the explicate order, what we perceive in our daily lives. It may be our most direct experience of who we are as individuals, as a species, a human collective.

It manifests itself at juncture points in our lives – birth or death, marriage or divorce, a move, a change in financial status, an illness, any transitional point. It’s often a wakeup call that shakes us out of our established routines and rigid ways of thinking. Sometime, there’s a trickster component to a synchro, where the universe seems to be laughing at us, poking fun at us, whispering Ha-ha, gotcha on that one huh?

The paranormal is often involved in synchronicity. In fact, phenomena like telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, telekinesis, retrocognition, and time displacement fall under the umbrella of synchronicity.

It sometimes occurs in clusters, where the same songs, numbers, books, names, objects, or place occur repeatedly in a matter of hours or days. Jung believed this meant an archetype had become active in your unconscious and would continue until you got the message. It often occurs in heightened periods of creativity. Several writers tap into the same storyline and plot. Inventors and scientific researchers come up with simultaneous discoveries.

When it appears in politics or in mass events – like 911, the Boston Marathon bombing, the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 -there’s often a trickster element involved, an in your face component that’s hard to ignore. When it manifests itself in tragedies the media seizes upon, synchronicity is often embedded somewhere in the storyline.

Not all synchros are biggies. Many are small but so personally significant that they change the way we see the world and ourselves within that world. These synchros act as confirmations, guides, or startle us enough to take a deeper look. They are comforting allies in our journey through life. Some involve animals as messengers. Some unfold over a period of weeks, months, even years. The thing about synchronicity is that the sky is the limit and the only thing holding us back is how willing we are to expand our own consciousness.

Synchronicity is an equal opportunity experiencer. It doesn’t care about your social or financial status, your religious or political beliefs, your ethnicity and parentage, your age, gender, skin color, profession, education, or marital status. It doesn’t even care if you’re a diehard skeptic. It happens. And whether you acknowledge it or not is the key. Awareness is pivotal.

Where do you fall in this vast spectrum?

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