It is becoming more and more apparent to mankind that time is not the linear concept that our perceptions would indicate, but instead a vast field that encompasses all possible realities.

Recent mathematical proof has even begun to confirm that these parallel universes exist, and physics suggests that there might be “tears” between universes, but it appears that we are programmed to ignore the existence of these other potential worlds by a "controlling force" whose best interests are served by keeping the human race "hypnotized". In last week’s Dreamland interview, Whitley Strieber interviewed Starfire Tor, who gave an overview of this incredibly complex subject gained from her wealth of experience into the anomalies of time. Subscribers can listen to the fascinating interview here.

Though we perceive it to travel in a linear fashion, our life is just a collection of possibilities that are affected by the choices that we constantly make. Our futures are therefore far more within our control than we realise, though we have been indoctrinated into believing in Fate and inevitability. In truth, it seems that we can not only affect our own futures, but that of the human collective and the planet we inhabit. Shaman Tom Kenyon echoes Starfire Tor’s views that we are in the hands of "Controllers" who have negatively affected our collective destiny.

Kenyon, who describes himself as a teacher, scientist, sound healer, psychotherapist, musician, songwriter, singer, shaman and author, has allegedly received a channeled message from the Hathors, a group of inter-dimensional, intergalactic beings who were alleged to be connected to ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor. Their message says that our Earth is poised on the brink of total transformation, but that its journey is being directed by a force with a vested interest, which has been allowed to take control by a partially somnolent humanity who has no idea where it is going.

The message, displayed on Kenyon’s website, suggests that our collective destiny is made up of a combination of individual choices, evolutionary forces and terrestrial factors, along with cosmic energies that impact upon us due to our position within the complex cosmic matrix. The Hathors say that more of us are now "awakening" and the Controllers are getting nervous; a sudden unexpected surge in elevated human consciousness could overcome them.

The answer, they say, lies in us becoming more adept at affecting our futures and connecting to timelines with more positive outcomes. This process can also facilitate an accelerated spiritual evolution, though there are currently multiple chaotic events occurring which are creating increasingly chaotic and volatile times on the planet, and these must first be negotiated. This chaos results in a convergence of multiple timelines, which in turn create "time nodes", a phenomena that occurs when two or more timelines come together and realities from one can "bleed" into another, or may be psychically perceived.

Kenyon’s channeled message explains how strong timelines can alter the outcomes or probabilities of other timelines within a time node, and odd events may be perceived. As chaotic events escalate, powers of intuition will be more important than ever before and those who are sensitive to these will suddenly know what to do in a situation. Intuition works in those moments when we are at a juncture point—a time node—where you have the choice to jump into a different timeline and a different outcome. An increase in intuitive receptivity is one of the hallmarks of personal ascension, and this intuition has obvious physical survival benefits. The message gives detailed instructions on how to utilise those nodes to begin creating our own selected futures.

Nodes can be used to selectively make the leap to a more desirable timeline and to do so, the Hathors speak of The Fundamental Principle, which " involves the coordination of a few significant fields of intentionality."

Their message outlines five steps to make the transition:

1) You identify the timeline you wish to move into, for example, a timeline of loving kindness.

2) You shift your vibrational state to match the timeline, so start to feel that state of loving kindness by exhibit loving kindness to others and to yourself.

3) You lock in the vibrational state so it does not waver. This is important because the old vibrational state has a life of its own, and just by choosing to create a new timeline and stepping into a matching vibrational state is not a guarantee that the timeline will manifest. You must lock the vibrational field in place, for this is what sustains your access to the new timeline.

4) You take an action that is an expression of the new timeline, so start to live and act as though the timeline was already in existence.

5) Persevere. This last phase of perseverance is important, as your current timeline is an accumulation of your previous beliefs and intentions. If these beliefs are very strong, it may take a vast amount of energy to overcome the set patterns.

The Hathors state that one of the first tasks to overcome before leaping across time is the transcendence of fear. Fear of the unknown is a natural human instinct borne of our need to protect our physical selves, but there is allegedly a much more insidious element involved here:

"The Controllers, those who wish to control your destiny and profit by it, are masters of the projection of fear and they are using vast resources of mind control and hypnosis through the media to convince the masses that there is much to fear," state the Hathors.

Whether or not you accept the validity of the message or its subject matter, the fact that overwhelming fear is a very negative and controlling energy cannot be disputed, however your belief system interprets its power. No book ever illustrated this power so effectively as Whitley Strieber’s powerful novel, "2012 – The War For Souls", where our fear was the means by which invading extra-terrestrial forces detected our presence.

So it is important to attempt to control our fears before they begin to control us in ways we may not ever have imagined. Feeling gratitude and appreciation for the good things in our lives is an equally powerful energy that can be used to combat escalating fears, and this also helps to catalyze the reality of a new and more positive timeline. It requires perseverance in order to hold the vision of the new timeline and the vibrational state, and ignore what your physical senses are telling you.

Despite our best efforts, the Hathors reassure us that there may be a transitional period when we recognize that not everyone is capable of loving kindness, nor of receiving it for that matter, and consequently the realities of life may threaten to affect our desired vision. But, they say, we can co-exist alongside those people and still create our own, more positive reality:

"As paradoxical as it may seem it is quite possible to live a separate timeline, having a different experience of life than those around you," say the Hathors. "Let us say that again another way. It is possible to live in heaven while others are living in torment. At the deepest levels of consciousness it is simply a matter of choice."

The Hathors’ primary incentive for the dissemination of this information is to, they say, focus our collective attention onto two significant timelines that are currently existing independently of our creation. In one there is what they call the "New Earth", a very different dimension of experience than our current reality where the Earth is deeply honored and held in gratitude by humanity, which understands the truth that all life is interconnected. There is no war and mankind is in control of its own destiny.

The other timeline is on a collision course with doom and destruction.
The important thing is that every person who believes in the timeline of doom, destruction and horror will add to its reality, whereas everyone who holds as real the timeline of the New Earth will add to its reality.

Kenyon adds his own thoughts to the message:

"There is something else in this latest message that I consider to be of vital importance—especially for those of us who are actually going to attempt jumping timelines and this “something” has to do with our human capacity for delusional or “magical thinking,” he explains."In case you aren’t aware of that term, magical thinking is a thinking disorder in which the person believes that just by thinking something, it is real or can be made real without any effort on his or her part."

"There is, in my opinion, a highly toxic element in New Age thinking that encourages denial as a means to cope with certain difficulties in life (i.e., magical thinking)," he continues. "And to be sure, the current and escalating insanity of our world is increasingly difficult for many of us to cope with. But if someone reading this thinks that denial is an acceptable means to deal with the realities of our current timeline, I wish to point out that the Hathors are saying something quite to the contrary."

So, jumping timelines apparently requires a little more than a blithe hope and a half-hearted intention; it is an ability that entails a committed attitude and an unerring belief in its authenticity, and in the desired outcome.

"How we navigate the realities of a transforming (some would say dying) civilization, while keeping our hearts and minds on the timeline we wish to live in, will undoubtedly become an art form," says Kenyon. "I suspect that many of us who choose to jump timelines (myself included) will encounter a learning curve, where we fall short of being able to leap to the new timeline and/or fail to sustain it."

This is completely normal when learning a new skill, and yes, this is essentially a new skill—albeit a profound one. So my advice to all of us neophyte timeline-jumpers is to be gentle with ourselves, leave self-judgment behind, and enter into this type of learning experience with a good sense of humor. After all, the whole thing is, from at least one perspective, a grand cosmic joke."

Whether or not you feel comfortable accepting advice from a channeled entity, the concept that is outlined in the message is not a new one. Shamanic traditions have always embraced the idea of achieving altered states of consciousness in order to travel outside of known time into the hidden realms that many term non-ordinary. Starfire Tor has shared a wealth of information with Unknown Country and there are many other spiritual advisors on Earth who are attempting to raise awareness and allow mankind to take back the control of our own destiny. Doctor Pillai is an International Speaker and World Thought Leader who is deeply committed to helping humanity make what he feels is a necessary shift in consciousness in order to facilitate accelerated spiritual evolution. He has made a free video to spread his teachings on the subject of timeline jumping.

"By time jumping, I mean jumping out of your consciousness, your conscious mind, your waking state and get into a space where time ends," says Pillai. " At that level you can program whatever you want to program and get into a fast time so that you don’t have to wait."

Biocentrism, the brainchild of Robert Lanza M.D., considered to be one of the world’s leading scientists, also alludes to the existence of multiple worlds existing a non-linear form of time. Biocentrism states that space and time are forms of animal sense perception, rather than external physical objects, and that even physical death is just an illusion. Dr. Lanza suggests that at death we are merely bumped into another universe.

This could explain some of the weird and wonderful experiences that get reported to Unknown country on a regular basis. In this Insight piece, a contributor describes how a car appeared to pass through his own vehicle without any impact. Both drivers acknowledge the inexplicable nature of the event, though many would find this difficult to believe.

I would, perhaps, be one of them, had I – your News Editor – not experienced a similar event myself some years ago:

Whilst waiting at a junction, I inadvertently allowed my car to move forward into a busy lane of traffic, and suddenly became aware of a vehicle apparently passing through the bonnet of my car. My young daughter was with me and we both witnessed this strange phenomenon. For a few seconds we seemed to experience a collision and the ensuing aftermath, then all was quiet, and we were totally unharmed.

Since then, I have been convinced that our consciousnesses were shunted into a different universe.

Things seem the same yet somehow different in my world since the event in subtle ways that I cannot explain; people have acted out of character and events have conspired to almost totally reboot my life. I now feel more aware of how my decisions affect the future that I create, and often awake with the realisation that I may be occupying a different universe to the one I inhabited the day before.

Though the possible car accident was the most significant event, time had already seemed to become more "fluid" for our whole family in the preceding year or so, and I wonder if we have collectively just becoming more aware of "bouncing around" in time. Significant but "old" scars have appeared on my body, but I have no recollection of how these occurred. (Since the "accident", an x-ray has also revealed that I had old fractures in my hand, but I have no memory of ever having broken any bones). Just recently, I have been hearing familiar songs on the radio and have been able to sing along to them, only to discover that they have just been released and have never previously been played.

Both my husband and I have definite memories of celebrities, such as Teddy Pendergrass, dying more than once. Though we have experienced odd synchronicities throughout the whole of our married life, including those surrounding our initial meeting, since the "accident – and meeting Whitley and Anne many years ago – we can also report that these incidents have increased significantly!

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