Why has Greenland’s major glacier doubled the speed of its melt in the last 15 years, causing ocean levels to rise? We need to figure this out before we all drown.

We don’t yet understand ice sheets and glaciers well enough to make precise predictions about how and where their melting will affect the earth. And even if all greenhouse gas emissions stopped today, sea levels would continue to rise.

In New Scientist, Anil Ananthaswamy quotes oceanographer Stefan Rahmstorf as saying, “The current rate of rise would continue for centuries if temperatures are constant, and that would add about 30 centimeters per century to global sea level. If we burn all fossil fuels, we are likely to end up with many meters of sea level rise in the long run, very likely more than 10 meters in my view.” Since 10 meters is the equivalent of almost 33 feet, you can see why this is a problem!

The entire Atlantic seaboard of North America, including New York, Boston and Washington DC, will have more hurricanes in the future. Ananthaswamy speculates that it might make more sense to abandon devastated cities and relocate inland rather than keep rebuilding them.

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The mysterious Master of the Key warned us about it and Whitley and Art Bell dutifully wrote the book about it that was made into a major motion picture. Is there another warning of this kind on the way?

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