When you get gray hair, it’s a sign of stress (not necessarily YOUR stress, but your HAIR’S stress).

Scientists have learned this by studying people who go gray prematurely from a rare syndrome called Ataxia telangiectasia. As the hair’s stem cells get old and tired, they gradually stop doing one of their jobs, which is to produce pigment.

Older women have their own special problems with gray, but this time it’s the gray matter in their brains: obesity in post menopausal women may lead to this condition, which may be one reason why women going through menopause often complain that their minds are affected. Thank goodness this seems to be a temporary problem.

Researcher Charles D. Smith says, “There is no evidence that decreased gray matter is associated with diminished memory, judgment or daily function or with any impairment at all. Some heavier folks had had decreased gray matter, so what? There are plenty of good health reasons to maintain an appropriate weight, but this isn’t one of them.”

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