The Soviet leader Joseph Stain died fifty years ago, on March 5th, 1953. According to the official statement, he died of a brain hemorrhage, but one historian thinks he was poisoned, since he was about to plunge his country into another war, despite the fact that Russia was still recovering from World War II.

On March 1st, Stalin didn’t go to bed until the early morning hours, and he gave an order for his guards to retire for the night as well, and said he was not to be disturbed. This was a huge change from his normal behavior and has intrigued Russian historian Edvard Radzinski for years. Finally, he found Pyotr Lozgachev, one of the guards who was on duty that night. Lozgachev says it wasn’t Stalin who told the guards to go to bed, but the main guard, Khrustalev. “Stalin would taunt the guards by saying ‘Want to go to bed?’ and stare into our eyes,” Lozgachev says. “As if we’d dare! So of course we were glad when we got this order, and went off to bed without thinking twice.”

At 6:30 in the morning, a light came on in Stalin’s rooms. The guards slept late, and by one in the afternoon, Stalin still had not been seen. The guards began to get worried, but no one dared to go into his rooms. Lozgachev was finally sent to check on him. “I hurried up to him and said, ‘Comrade Stalin, what’s wrong?’ He’d, you know, wet himself while he was lying there. He made some incoherent noise, like ‘Dz dz.’ His pocketwatch and copy of Pravda were lying on the floor. The watch showed 6:30 am. That’s when it must have happened to him.” Stalin died at 9:50 pm on March 5th.

Radzinski thinks the guards deliberately delayed checking on Stalin so he would not get immediate medical help. He thinks Stalin was injected with poison by the guard Khrustalev, under the orders of KGB chief Lavrenty Beria.

“All the people who surrounded Stalin understood that Stalin wanted war?the future World War III?and he decided to prepare the country for this war,” Radzinski says. “He said: we have the opportunity to create a communist Europe but we have to hurry. But?every normal person understood it was terrible to begin a war against America because [Russia] had no economy?Stalin had planned on March 5th to begin the deportation of Jewish people from Moscow.”

If we get rid of Saddam, will we be preventing, or starting, World War III? When it comes to world government, we really don’t know who?s running things.

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