Ray Wallace, one of the first Bigfoot researchers, died of heart failure on November 26 at age 84, and his family now says he created the Bigfoot prints he claimed to have discovered in 1958. “Ray L. Wallace was Bigfoot. The reality is, Bigfoot just died,” says son Michael Wallace.

“He did it just for the joke and then he was afraid to tell anybody because they’d be so mad at him,” says nephew Dale Lee Wallace, who says he still has the carved antler feet that he says Wallace used to make the prints. He says Wallace asked a friend to carve the 16-inch-long feet and he and his brother Wilbur wore them to create the tracks.

In August 1958, bulldozer operator Jerry Crew, who worked for Wallace’s construction company in California, found huge footprints circling and then leading away from his rig. The Humboldt Times in Eureka, California called the mysterious creature “Bigfoot.” However, stories about the Sasquatch and Abominable Snowman existed long before 1958, in countries far away from the U.S. And crytozoologist Loren Coleman says the carved feet don?t match casts taken of the tracks that circled Crew?s dozer.

“The Abominable Snowman was appropriated by Ray Wallace. It got into the press, took on a life of its own and next thing you know there’s a Bigfoot, one of the most popular monsters in the world,” says Mark Chorvinsky, editor of Strange magazine. He claims Wallace also made a recording of supposed Bigfoot sounds, and also made films and took photos of the creature. He thinks the family’s statements raise serious doubts about the film taken by Roger Patterson in 1967, which shows an erect, apelike creature walking away from the camera. He says, “Ray told me that the Patterson film was a hoax, and he knew who was in the suit.”

Loren Coleman, who?s appeared twice on Dreamland, says, ?In 1999, three separate theorists appeared with notions about why the Patterson-Gimlin film was a fake and spoke to the media of the demise of Bigfoot. And yet, the next year, more sightings of and positive press about Bigfoot occurred than in recent memory.

?The cable news networks, newspapers, and radio talk shows are declaring that Bigfoot is dead. Well, Ray Wallace did die on November 26th. Now comes the Wallace family’s ?confession?? Never mind that the original Jerry Crew cast doesn?t match the Wallace fake foot. Never mind that we all knew Wallace was a prankster. Never mind that Wallace wasn?t able to put one over on any of us in 44 years. ??Why is the testimony of an admitted liar, now being feted?as the truth, having the newspapers believe it all??

How can we find out the truth if scientists aren?t willing to face the facts? Rupert Sheldrake says he knows of Seven Experiments That Could Change the World. Read his book and see if you agree!

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