The war over who owns the Falklands islands in the Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina was bitterly fought by the UK and Argentina in 1982. Which country owns these seemingly worthless pieces of land, where people mostly raise sheep, has long been disputed. Now oil has been discovered off the coast of the Falklands. Would this make the UK an oil-producing country? Did both sides know about this when they almost went to war? Will the new English Prime Minister face another attack from Argentina as his first major challenge? UK Defence Minister Bill Rammell says that the UK has a “legitimate right” to build an oil industry in its waters.

The private oil and gas company Rockhopper Exploration says they have collected data that “indicated an oil discovery.” The find would be the first for the Falklands. BBC News quotes Rockhopper CEO Samuel Moody as saying, “We are extremely excited by the results of this well.”

Given the recent oil spill here in the US, as well as past ownership tensions, WE’LL be excited to see if Argentina AGREES that the UK has a right to drill there for oil!

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