In 1998, the Master of the Key told Whitley Strieber, "gas is an important component to consider in the construction of intelligent machines," and now it is becoming clear that quantum computers may use gasses as the basis for extremely dense memory.

Researchers have been able to store a single image in Rubidium gas for some years,but now have advanced to storing two images. The technique opens the door to the use of quantum, or ultra-small and thus extremely dense, memory.

Whitley Strieber says, "This was one of the most unusual predictions made by the Master of the Key. Considering that it’s coming true, perhaps his other predictions should be taken more seriously."

Among other things, he alerted Whitley about the dangers of climate change, and his predictions in this area have proved to be very accurate. His primary claim was that human activity is intensifying a natural cycle of change, and that we are in peril of seeing radically altered weather because of it.

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