Underwater archaeology is in its infancy, and highlycontroversial, but now a new sunken city has been found in1,600 meters of water about sixty miles off the coast ofCyprus. Given its depth, this city must have been submergedat least 11,000 years ago, meaning that the whole history ofcivilization in the Mediterranean will need to be rewritten.

As authors like Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval havemaintained for years, sunken cities and submerged artifactssuggest the presence of an advanced civilization in thedistant past. Mr. Hancock has personally dived the ruins ofa submerged city off the coast of India, and otherscientists have found a deeply submerged city off the coastof Cuba. More controversial remains off the coast of Japansuggest the possibility that monolithic stones were workedin that area at least 15,000 years ago.

The discoverers of the new submerged city claim that thereare seventy points of reference in the ruins that coincidewith Plato’s description of Atlantis, and therefore thatthis might be the mythical submerged city of that name.

However, if the city proves to be real, it is clearly partof a much larger perspective. In fact, during the last iceage, it would appear that humankind did indeed developcities in areas that are now deeply submerged.

US researcher Robert Sarmast said on Sunday that the findingis definite. Based on sonar returns, a rectangular land masshas been found showing structures and an acropolis with awall two miles long surrounding it.

Due to the depth of the ruins and the fact that they arecovered with silt, detailed exploration will be a difficultand very expensive task. However, more detailed sonarsoundings may reveal considerably more information. Acombination of expense and the fact that sunken cities defythe conventional historical timeline established by thearchaeological community has impeded the progress ofunderwater archaeology, due to the many obstacles toobtaining the large grants needed to carry it out.

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