As a new and dire warning appeared from Al Qaeda, theCentral Intelligence Agency has been thrown into what formersenior CIA officials are describing as ?turmoil? by thefriction between newly appointed CIA Director Porter Gossand career CIA personnel, especially key senior officers.

Meanwhile, a smallArabic-language website is reported to have posted what isbelieved to be a message from Al Qaeda to the effect thatthe organization possesses at least one nuclear weapon andis poised to detonate it in the center of the US. The reportcomes from the respected Italian news organization laReppublica. It has been ignored by US media.

Unfortunately, there is no CIA analysis of the website or ofwhether or not its contents represent a real threat.

Thanks to an reader, we can offer thistranslation of the text of the warning: “We’re informingthe Islamic Nation that the production and the enrichment ofUranium in order to produce nuclear weapons is no longer theprivilege of the Crusaders Tyrants of the world. Ourattempts to create small weapons with great destruction power have succeeded.? A specific message for Americans follows: ?Know this: We, Al Qaeda, will answer with a painful replyto your refusal to accept Sheik Osam Bin Laden?s advice notto re-elect Bush in the last elections. In this case youwill pay through a divine wrath. Allah will give the firsttarget in the heart of America.”

The message was delivered via a website called ?The Lion?sCave,? an apparent reference to Osama bin Laden?s hidingplace. This website is new and does not yet appear inconventional search engines. It was found by theAndkronosInternational news agency, and contained, according toAndkronos, various references that suggested that it was anauthentic Al Qaeda site. The agency did not specify thenature of those references.

From a technological viewpoint, the construction of aphysically small nuclear weapon is a daunting task, butbuilding one that is primitive and no more powerful thanearly weapons such as the Hiroshima bomb requires onlylimited expertise and a relatively small amount offissionable material.

Unfortunately, if Al Qaeda does have a nuclear weapon ornuclear weapons, and one is detonated anywhere in the world,the organization would then be in a position to play thegame of nuclear blackmail, and the west, lacking any realintelligence about the organization and its activities,would suddenly become helpless.

Equally unfortunately, US Homeland Security, due tobudgetary constraints, has not made any real effort toprovide nuclear detection equipment in any but the largestUS ports, so there are many places where nuclear materialcould be smuggled into the United States quite easily.

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