Ruth James of has issued a call for immediate action on the part of the people to prevent congress from allowing the UN and the WTO to end the food supplement and vitamin industries. These industries are under serious threat from the FDA’s “Operation Cure.All,” which pretends to be an effort to stop inflated food supplement claims from appearing on the internet, but is actually an effort to get around the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 which was intended by congress to protect our access to food supplements.

Even more terrifying is the awful ‘Codex Alimentarius’ that is already being adopted in Europe and is going to be imposed on all member nations by the World Trade Organization. It will supercede federal, state and local laws, and make all supplements, including even peppermint and garlic, prescription drugs. It will mean that vitamins, herbs and supplements will no longer be available anywhere in the world except by prescription, and countries will have to comply or face trade sanctions.

Read her Insight article, then scroll down to the bottom to live links that enable to you sign petitions, and, above all, write your congresspeople.

We must not allow the WTO to become a dictatorship, and that is exactly what is happening. PLEASE also send this article to your friends and ask them to pass it on.

To read Ruth James’ article click here.

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