When it comes to UFOs, the UK tries to hide the information they have?just as the government here in the US does. The problem is, because they’re a smaller country with a smaller bureaucracy, they’re not as good at it. But they also have a Freedom of Information Act (just like we do), and a major British paper has revealed the extraordinary efforts the Ministry of Defense went to in order to KEEP the documents that refer to UFOs secret.

Previously-classified documents reveal that the government tried hard to cover up its UFO investigations. In the Guardian, James Randerson reports that there was an entire secret covert unit, called DI55, devoted to investigating UFOs. But they weren’t concerned with preventing an alien invasion?in fact, according to Randerson, a 1995 memo says: “I have several books at home that describe our supposed role of ‘defender of the Earth against the alien menace’?it is light years from the truth!” Whitley tells the same story in his new novel The Grays.

The documents were made public due to repeated requests over 30 years by two journalism professors. One of them, David Clarke, says, “These documents don’t tell us anything about UFOs but they do show how desperate the [Ministry of Defense has] been to conceal the interest which the intelligence services had in the subject.”

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