This sounds like a philosophical or religious question, but it’s something that scientists are actually studying.

Religious scholar David Frankfurter says that evil is a concept that gives people a license to commit brutal acts. Witches, demons and other Satanic forces are all things that have been created by the human mind. He says, “People have been obsessed by evil for centuries?obsessed with what evil is, who is evil, and how to avoid evil?and the 21st century is no exception. President Bush famously dubbed Iran, North Korea, and Iraq the Axis of Evil in his 2002 State of the Union address. In casual conversation and media stories alike, terrorists, politicians and criminals are labeled evil. With all these accepted references to evil, it is time that its true nature is exposed and thoroughly examined.”

According to Frankfurter, linking terrorism and evil shifts the view of the terrorist ?from a concrete mass-killer with a biography, distinct motivations, and specific goals, to a shadowy opponent of family and society in heartland America.? The problem with this definition of evil is that it leaves us with no way to defeat it, or at least lesson its impact. “And,” he adds, “Terrorism, of course, is the evil force that will stay outside as long as we conduct large-scale military exploits off in the distant lands we associate with it.”

Maybe the only way to fight evil is to be willing to take a personal stand against it.

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