The designs of military aircraft have been influenced by the Aztec god of war: the hummingbird. It’s long been believed in the UFO community that modern aircraft designs have been influenced by alien craft. People often see UFOs change shape in front of their eyes?now the military has developed an aircraft that does the same thing.

Traditional saucer-shaped UFOs have been observed morphing into longer, cigar-shaped craft, although this could be due to the angle at which the craft is being viewed from the ground, since a tilted disk can resemble a cigar if it is being viewed from the side rather than from directly underneath. In the subscriber section there is a rare video of a metallic UFO visibly morphing, taken in British Columbia in 2003.

According to, NASA and Department of Defense engineers are trying to create a plane that can morph into new shapes during flight by flexing or twisting, due to being made of new metals that form a kind of ?flexible skin.? The F-14 Tomcat and B-1B Lancer are early examples of this technology, since both have hinged wings that sweep out for slow flight and back for high speed flight. Military engineers would love to be able to create planes that can do the types of intricate, shape shifting maneuvers that UFO witnesses have been seen.

Art credit: Dana Augustine.

Whitley was not only one of the first people to bring you serious information about possible alien life, instead of the disinformation you read in the ordinary media, and he was also was one of the first to bring real information about crop circles as well. NOW he brings you the news that our sun may have a twin!

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