NASA says that the weather here on Earth has a surprising connection to space weather in the ionosphere, which is the electrically-charged upper atmosphere. As if emissions from greenhouse gases here on earth weren?t bad enough, satellites have discovered that Researchers discovered that tides of air generated by thunderstorm activity over South America, Africa and Southeast Asia is changing the structure of the ionosphere. Turbulence in the ionosphere can disrupt GPS positioning devices, as well as radio and cell phone signals.

One of the areas most affected by this is the United States, because of where we are on the earth. Climate researcher Thomas Immel has identified 4 sectors on earth where space storms can produce these disturbances. He says, “North America is in one of these sectors, which may help explain why the U.S. suffers uniquely extreme ionospheric conditions during space weather events.”

Cell phones and radio signals are also affected by solar flares?but these may end up saving us from the effects of global warming?at least for a few years.

And if solar flares affect your cell phone, it COULD BE because we REALLLY have two suns!

So if your cell phone, radio or car GPS fails, you can blame it on what’s going on in space.

Art credit: NASA

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