A major Canadian politician has called UFOs the biggest cover-up in history. Paul Hellyer, the Canadian Minister for National Defense from 1963-67, recently gave a speech in Toronto with the title “A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Direction.”

Michael E. Salla reports that on September 25, 2005, Hellyer talks about receiving UFO reports, but despite having a personal UFO sighting with family and friends, he was a skeptic, and never had time for what he thought of as “flights of fancy.” What changed his mind??the late US news anchor Peter Jennings and the late military man and author Philip Corso.

Hellyer spoke about watching the late Peter Jennings documentary special, “Seeing is Believing” in February, 2005. He then picked up a book that he’d had for two years: “The Day After Roswell” by the late Philip Corso. Both of these things awakened his interest in UFOs, especially since Corso mentioned real people and institutions. Hellyer checked the accuracy of Corso?s story by contacting a retired US Air Force General, who confirmed the incidents in the book and said that ETs have been here since 1947.

Hellyer also questioned why the US military sees ETs as our enemy. He asks, “Are they really enemies or merely legitimate explorers from afar?” He thinks our upcoming return to the moon, in order to build a base there, is part of the plans of General Arthur Trudeau, who was Corso’s mentor. Trudeau wanted to build a base on the moon where humans could interact with extraterrestrials.

Hellyer says evidence concerning UFOs is the “greatest and most successful cover up in the history of the world.”

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