We recently posted an article advising all our readers to keep the prescription drug Tamiflu on hand to fight the symptoms of bird flu. But viruses mutate constantly, and bird flu is no exception. It may already be too late, because avian flu is becoming resistant to Tamiflu, despite the fact that it’s being stockpiled by countries all over the world.

Unlike most other flu viruses, which affect the respiratory tract, the H5N1 bird flu virus leads to pneumonia symptoms. A person with a strong immune system can fight these off, but a surprising number of seemingly healthy people have succumbed to pneumonia, especially when hospitalized.

Avian flu, or bird flu, has been named by even George Bush, who has been accused of being hostile to science as the next global pandemic. Meanwhile, medical researchers are working frantically to create a vaccine for avian flu. Like other flu shots, we would have to get a new one every year.

We have the feeling there may be some tough times ahead.

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