UFOs were recently seen by three air traffic controllers at the Winnipeg International Airport, as well as hovering over Stonehenge. One of the Canadian controllers says, “It sounded a little like an airplane?but they were absolutely positive (it wasn’t).” Meanwhile, NASA analyzed video taken by astronauts of a “classic” UFO that they say was actually part of the Apollo 16 spacecraft.

In the Winnipeg News, Natalie Pona says one witness described the UFO as looking like a bright red point of light flying low. He watched it for 30 seconds, until it turned into a smaller white light, then disappeared.

Nick Redfern writes in Phenomena Magazine about Mark and Clair Coolidge, who saw a UFO hovering over Stonehenge. Marks says, “At first I thought it had to be a dark cloud even though it was low and odd shaped, but when I slowed the car and looked closer it was a huge triangle-shaped aircraft, just hanging there about thirty or forty feet above the stones. It was massive, huge; I would say two hundred feet long, completely black and had a sort of buzz or hum noise to it.”

To Clair, the UFO seemed to sway in the air like a boat on the water. She says, “We didn?t know what to do and Mark just slowed the car down and stopped and we just looked at it. It was like a giant hang-glider and had this buzzing noise but no lights or engine noises like a plane would?I thought it would hit the stones but was just hovering there like a bird. It was a bit scary but mainly we couldn?t believe we were seeing it; like we were in shock.”

They watched it for about three minutes, until it turned silently and slowly left , heading for an area where there’s a military base. This led Mark to conclude it was some kind of secret plane. He says, “The way it sort of swayed made me think it was a large air balloon and not a heavy, metal aircraft?I think it was a good time to test-fly something late at night?without it being seen, except by us who were there really by accident.”

In 1972, astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke took four seconds of video footage of a UFO, which they described as “a saucer-shaped object with a dome on top.”

NASA’s Gregory Byrne analyzed the video and says it’s not a UFO, it’s part of the Apollo 16 spacecraft. After he stabilized the images of the craft to correct for camera movement, he decided the UFO was not moving?it was only the camera that had moved. He says, “All of the evidence in this analysis is consistent with the conclusion that the object in the Apollo 16 film was the EVA [spacewalk] floodlight/boom. There is no evidence in the photographic record to suggest otherwise.”

How can we hope to solve modern mysteries like UFOs, when so many ancient mysteries remain unsolved?

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