Despite vigilance on the border, illegal aliens regularly sneak into Texas from Mexico, and now Middle Eastern terrorists are starting to do it too. In a small South Texas town, an illegal immigrant aroused suspicion by asking customers about explosives that could blow up several city blocks. He was also seen taking photos of skyscrapers in nearby cities. In Corpus Christi, 30 illegal immigrants from the Middle East were found hidden inside a large ship. In Beaumont, a car that had been turned into a suicide bomb was discovered in a shopping mall.

All this is going to cause an even greater crackdown on illegal immigration, which will cause hardship for the ranchers and farmers who depend on these workers, as well as for the workers themselves. In the Houston Chronicle, Cindy Horswell quoted Houston FBI agent Richard Powers as saying, “We’ve followed thousands of leads. We get them daily. Ninety-nine percent turn out to be invalid, but I believe we have also prevented things.”

Texas police have even been sent to the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to interview detainees. Powers says, “They went to get names and intelligence about possible cells to disrupt.”

There are Texas task forces in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso. Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Porto says his task force members received intelligence about five Iraqis in Mexico City who wanted to exchange millions of dinars for U.S. currency and find a smuggler to bring them across the border. They were planning an assault on President Bush’s Crawford ranch, where, he says, they “wanted to blow something up.”

On April 12 in Beaumont, an auto “suicide bomb” containing 3 Pakistanis and a large number of explosives was stopped by police in a mall parking lot before it could be detonated. One of the men had been seen videotaping the inside of the mall the week before. When their home was searched, police found photos of the mall, as well as of nearby chemical plants, and even more explosives. There was a media blackout about this story; however at unknowncountry, we personally know people living there who say there was an unspecified alert on that day.

It’s been speculated that Texas may be targeted by al-Qaeda because one of bin-Laden’s brothers was killed in a glider accident in San Antonio.

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