A wave of UFO sightings is occurring across the Midwestern US, according to reports being received by George Filer?s Filer?s Files. In Evansville, Indiana, witnesses spotted a group of UFOs that looked like ?a fleet of plates, all gray except for the lights, flying through the air on April 13, 2001.? They go on to say, ?We saw [them] real early in the morning at 2:27 am. The discs were hovering there for about 20 seconds, then they took off towards the north. They had numerous lights on the bottom that were a reddish color and turned green when they left. They had many weird-looking fins that were in the shape of a spiral that led into the center, which constantly opened and closed. They were very quiet except when one dropped a few hundred feet and that only sounded like a jet engine far in the distance.?

Four cities in Michigan were visited. In Warren, ?It seemed as though heaven spilled a bucket of fireflies,? according to the witness. On March 22, he saw a wave of lights traveling west that broke into separate ?V? shaped formations, moving at about the speed of a passenger jet. He says, ?I heard the roar of jets north of them probably coming from Selfridge National Guard Base. A neighbor who thought the world was ending also witnessed the spectacle.

?As they were descending, they seemed to see the police chopper on its rounds and slowed till it passed. This occurred behind me as I was turning to look at the chopper (which is why I saw the UFOs) so I cannot confirm this. This I can confirm: as they traveled west and became distant I could see clearly that they [were] assembled on an even plane; prior [to that], they were at varying heights. They didn?t speed up or slow down, they moved [at] constant [speed]. Then they vanished at light speed once they were all in a nice little row.?

In East Lansing, Michigan, a witness says, ?I was walking around my town at night around 10:30 p.m. on April 13. I glanced up in the clear sky and saw a triangle formation of 3 saucer-shaped objects. The saucers flew overhead silently and very quickly. I have seen these saucers more times than I can remember in East Lansing. They seem to be a common occurrence. They always fly silently, but at varying speeds. Sometimes they fly so fast, it seems impossible.?

Another sighting, by 3 thirteen-year-old girls, took place in Riverview, Michigan: ?My two friends and I were standing outside at one a.m. on April 11 when we observed 10 saucers flying close to the ground, rapidly switching places with one another. We were swinging on m old swing set when all of a sudden, my friend pointed into the sky. There were 10 bright orange-colored saucers. They weren?t all that far from the ground?only 100 to 300 feet. We stood in awe of them. They moved fast, constantly switching places with each other.?

In Gaylord, Michigan, a couple was sitting in their hot tub at 10:15 p.m. on April 14. The wife said to her husband, ?Is that Cassiopeia?? She explains, ?As I was looking, I saw what I first thought was a shooting star. But as I watched, it didn?t fade like most shooting stars. As I focused on it, I saw a cluster of 4 lights and a cluster of 3, both in a ?V? formation, moving swiftly across the sky, east to west, not fading. I thought, as they approached the rooftop of my house, that they seemed to move closer together, but the light from them never dimmed. There was no sound.?

There were also two interesting recent sightings in Wisconsin. In DePere, a witness reports that on April 11, ?a disc approached from south to north, flying over us, and then made a hairpin 180 degree turn above us, heading south again. The disc passed less than 300 feet above us. We could see it was darker than the background night sky. It was outlined with many small red lights. The craft made no sound, but we could feel its presence getting stronger as it came closer and diminish as it left.?

During the second Wisconsin sighting, in Rothschild, an object with 4 lights was seen hovering and when approached, it sped away at an extreme speed. This took place on April 13 at midnight. The witness states, ?The object had 4 bright lights on it and appeared to be hovering about 100 feet above the ground as we approached. When we got close, the object sped away. We tried to pursue it, but?the object?s speed was too fast and within seconds it was out of sight.?

A second witness described what was probably the same craft. ?We were driving home Friday night, April 13, and when we got near our house in Rothschild we looked up and saw 4 bright lights that resembled stadium lights. The lights were hovering over a bunch of trees at 12 a.m. As we turn the corner, the UFO made rapid movements and suddenly disappeared. We tried to follow and find it but it quickly disappeared.?

In Canton, Illinois, a witness reports, ?On April 7, 2001, we were outside eating at 7 p.m. since it was so nice. We were looking up, but the stars were not out yet but something caught my eye. I pointed it out, so we all looked and saw a flying triangular ship-like thing. It was flying with 4 or so lights spinning?they were red lights! Then there was smoke-like stuff near it, like from an engine.?

Missouri was the site of two reports. In Washington, Missouri, a witness says, ?While driving north on Jefferson Street through my town, my 9-year-old daughter noticed an object in the sky on March 29, during daylight hours around 3:30 in the afternoon. She said, ?Dad, what it that? It?s really shiny.? I looked and couldn?t see it at first, but she continued to talk about it and soon after I spotted it too. I pulled the car over and got a very good look at it.

?The object was square from a frontal view, but thin from a side view. The front of the object, while square, contained 4 circular shapes within it (like 4 dinner plates placed side by side, two across, two down, to fill the square). The front was chrome-like and extremely shiny. The backside of the object was black and flat with no other markings. The object was [standing] on end and slowly spinning horizontally, so that to look at it while spinning was to see the shiny side of the square, then the thin, then the black side, and so on?a pattern of thick and thins. While spinning, the object traveled north towards downtown at 125 feet, then made a turn to head west near Busch Creek. The craft?s speed was varying from 10 to 25 miles an hour. The overall size estimate would be over 5 feet, with the thinner side maybe 1 foot thick. We tried to follow, but it vanished.?

There were two sightings in St. Louis in April. On April 5, a man and his son saw a flying object in the night sky at 9:56 p.m. At first there was a very large bright, oval-shaped light coming toward them form the southeast. He says, ?The light was much brighter than any airplane I had ever seen before. So I called for my son to come and join me outside as I thought he might know what type of aircraft it was. By the time he arrived outside, the craft was over our heads. Neither he nor I had any ideas as to what type of aircraft it was. We live close to an airport so we see many airplanes and jets, but we have never seen anything like this before. The object was very large, perhaps 2 or 3 full moons in size.

?There was a large, bright, oval-shaped light in the front of the craft and several other lights forming what appeared to be a triangular shaped-craft. In the center of the object was a red light. None of the lights flashed. The object was very large but made a little soft humming sound. It wasn?t until the object was overhead that we heard a sound. It seemed to be gray or black in color, moving rather slowly, for we were able to view it for about 3 minutes. There was haze around it, perhaps due to the brightness of the front light. It flew over our heads heading in a northwestern direction.?

On April 21, another witness had a sighting. He says, ?It was approximately 8:10 p.m. Central time and I was looking to the northwest from southern St. Louis. I saw a light coming from over the tops of the trees. It looked strange, with 3 to 5 lights on the front of the craft. The lights were closer together than an airplane?s and they were not blinking at all. It made no sound as it approached straight toward me. As it came closer and was almost overhead, I saw a circular outline of the craft. It was definitely not an airplane shape. It flew directly over me, and behind the building I was in. There was never any sound, and my windows were open. The craft was flying lower than any airplane should have been, but I cannot guess the altitude. I would say it was a bit smaller than a commercial airplane, as well. The weather was cloudy and there was a mild thunderstorm approaching from the southwest.?

Insight: Skeptics used to dismiss all UFO waves as a result of ?mass hysteria? due to media reports. However, the general media no longer reports UFO sightings, so knowledge of this wave is confined to specialized media like Filer?s Files, meaning that ?mass hysteria? is not the answer.

At present, there are also extensive sightings taking place in Mexico and South America, and in Germany.

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