Remember UFOs–those wonderful mysteries in the sky? And abductions? And crop circles? And what of the Disclosure Project?

It’s all still happening, and there’s one researcher who has not stopped searching the skies, George Filer of Filer’s Files. Throughout the crisis, he has continued to collect UFO stories, which turns out to be a tremendous service to everyone who is interested in mysteries. If we did not have access to this information, it would be like another light going out in our lives.

What are UFOs? Therein lies quite a tale. Where are they? Well, they’re right here with us, spreading awe from above and inspiring those wonderful questions that mean so much to us all.
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The Wednesday, September 5 edition of Filers Files reports that on July 25 the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FAA asking for the radar tapes for July 14-15, the period of the Carteret UFO sightings in New Jersey. NIDS also requested the tower voice tapes from Newark International Airport. NIDS is a privately funded organization in Las Vegas that studies anomalous events.
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Update: Filer’s Files offers an interview with a witness, a member of the clergy, as well as numerous other reports. To read this material, click here.

A spectacular array of lights were observed over the Arthur Kill near Carteret, N.J. on the night of Sunday-Monday July 15-16. These lights appeared similar to lights that were observed over Phoenix on March 13, 1997. The Phoenix lights were observed and photographed by thousands in the Phoenix area around 8:30 at night. They were later attributed to a flare drop over a military test area, but investigators doubted that disconnected flares falling through the atmosphere could account for their extremely regular motion.
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A wave of UFO sightings is occurring across the Midwestern US, according to reports being received by George Filer?s Filer?s Files. In Evansville, Indiana, witnesses spotted a group of UFOs that looked like ?a fleet of plates, all gray except for the lights, flying through the air on April 13, 2001.? They go on to say, ?We saw [them] real early in the morning at 2:27 am. The discs were hovering there for about 20 seconds, then they took off towards the north. They had numerous lights on the bottom that were a reddish color and turned green when they left. They had many weird-looking fins that were in the shape of a spiral that led into the center, which constantly opened and more