UPDATE: Image from shuttle control room shows UFO! – UPDATE: You can see an image of this UFO as seen by the astronauts THROUGH THE WINDOW of the space shuttle by clicking here. YouTube has emerged as a source for UFO videos, taken and posted in the face of official government denial. Of course,many computer graphics artists hone their UFO-faking skillson YouTube, but when the video comes directly from the SpaceShuttle, captured by an astute–and surprised–member of thepublic off NASA TV, you can be sure that it’s authentic. Toview thevideo of what appears to be an enormous disk passing closeto the shuttle Discovery on Mission STS-119 on March 17,click here. Authentic, yes, but an alien spacecraft? Keep reading for our evaluation.

Of course, there are many things this could be besides analien spacecraft. It is extremely difficult to determinedistances without reference points on earth, and all butimpossible in space. In addition, the extreme brightness ofthe sun creates intense reflections, so something that is smalland close can appear large and distant. Nevertheless, themotion of this object does suggest that it is at leastfairly large and not close to the camera. However, it couldbe close and moving very slowly.

Unknowncountry.com evaluates UFO videos every day. Ourassessment of this one is that it is impossible to tellwhether or not it is a genuine unknown, or a piece of spacedebris that is deceptively slow, close and reflective.Nevertheless, it is an interesting and provocative video.

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