In August 1990, a large diamond-shaped object was seen hovering next to a Royal Air Force jet for about 10 minutes, over the UK countryside, before it shot away vertically at high speed. Newly-declassified Ministry of Defense files have revealed photos of the event taken by 2 witnesses. But the biggest revelation from these documents is that the British military was convinced that the US was spying on them, using a hypersonic spy plane called the Aurora. Now an English newspaper reports that a 13-year-old student saw (and photographed) a mysterious bright light hovering over her hometown in the UK. Are we STILL spying on the Brits? (And if so, WHY?)

The March 21st edition of The Sun quotes Harriet Rogers as saying, “At first we thought it was a helicopter but then my dad went outside but could not hear any rotary blades. To the human eye, it just looked like a bright light but, on the cam-recorder we could see it pulsing, then suddenly changing colors.”

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