Witness Ted Wistrom says, “[The UFO] went right alongside the highway all the way from Highway 48 down to the Bible Camp. Then it crossed over the highway in front of us and lowered down toward the field and hovered there about 50 or a hundred feet above the ground.”

Chet Newman writes in the Burnett (WI) County Sentinel that Wistrom and Heath Berrard saw the UFO while driving on Highway 87. They say it was silent, about 20 feet long and moving at about 30 mph. The car in front of them slowed down, as well as two others behind them, so they know there were other witnesses as well.

It was flying low, so Wistrom could see what looked like tubes sticking out of the bottom of the craft that were “tilted toward the ground, like that’s what was holding it up.” It had 4 rectangular lights on the back of the craft. While the UFO was in motion, all the lights were orange, but when it began to hover, the center left light turned blue and the center right one turned white and began to blink. Then it disappeared.

Wistrom says that before his sighting, friends told him about recent UFOs they’d seen. He wonders if the military is “doing some kind of testing around here.”

Will we ever learn the secret of UFOs?

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