There are many UFO photos that have never been debunked or explained, and continue to baffle researchers. Six of the most famous are described here. Jim Wilson writes about them in Popular Mechanics.

Incredible black-and-white photos of a UFO were taken in 1950 by Oregon farmer Paul Trent. His wife and father-in-law saw the craft as well. Wilson quotes researcher Jerome Clark as saying, “If authentic, they comprise significant evidence for the reality of intelligently controlled UFOs.”

In 1958, 47 crew members on board a Brazilian ship saw a UFO and photographer Amiro Barauna took pictures of it. They show a disk 50 feet in diameter moving at 600 mph.Clark says, “Given the number of witnesses, the results of photo analysis, both military and civilian, and the need for debunkers to reinvent the incident to ‘explain’ it, it seems most unlikely that the?photographs were hoaxed.”

In Zanesville, Ohio, in 1966, Ralph Ditter took UFO photos of sightings that were made by law enforcement deputies Robert Schultz and Stanley Nelepa. These were polaroids, so there?s no possibility they tampered with the negative.

Astrophysicist Josef Allen Hynek read a report about a UFO in 1966 that changed him from a skeptic to a believer, which was important, since he was part of the UFO debunking effort Project Blue Book. Again, radiation levels were higher in the spot where the UFO touched down.

In 1978, Iranian teenager Jamshid Saiadipour photographed a UFO from his apartment window. The U.S. government became interested in the photo because it resembled a UFO reported by pilots to the Teheran airport earlier in the year. It was later discovered that another Iranian teen, Franklin Youri, had also taken a picture of the object.

In Bentwaters, England in 1980, at a U.S. air base that is now closed, security patrols observed unusual lights in the nearby Rendlesham Forest for two nights and a UFO was seen. When they investigated, they found three 1 ? inch deep circular holes that were 7 inches in diameter. There was 25 times the normal amount of radiation in the area.

Ever wish we could ask these folks what they’re doing, flying around in our skies? Some people have already done just that.

To see some of these extraordinary photos, click here.

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