One indicator of trouble here on Earth has always been UFOs in the sky, and they have often been seen by military pilots, especially near nuclear weapons facilities. A highly unusual plane that did not appear on air traffic controllers’ radar nearly collided with two RAF jets over the North Sea and was observed by pilots in another. Almost every pilot has seen a UFO sometime during his career, but most of them–including pilots on domestic airlines–are forbidden to speak about it (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

The March 3rd edition of the Telegraph reports that the plane was described by one of the pilots who observed it as being "as big as a Hercules" and was traveling at or above the speed of sound. The pilot continued, "This was a large ‘aircraft’ and I could see the detail of the lights and the engine area. I have never seen anything like it." The fact that this report has been made public may indicate a change of policy at the British Ministry of Defense, which has previously forbidden pilots to speak publicly about UFO sightings.

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