Who thinks they’re here and who doesn’t – 20% of people worldwide who responded to a recent poll say they think that aliens exist and that they live among us disguised as humans. Slightly more men than women believe this is true.

A Reuters poll of over20,000 adults in 22 countries reveals that more than 40% of people from India and China believe that aliens walk among us, although 80% of people polled do not agree with that premise. The respondents who are LEAST likely to think aliens are here reside in Belgium (despite the incredible military sightings of triangle-shaped craft there in 1989), Sweden and the Netherlands (only 8% in each case).

Writing for Reuters, Miral Fahmy and David Fox quote market researcher John Wright, who headed the Ipsos poll, as saying, “It would appear that that there’s a modest correlation between the most populated countries and those more likely to indicate there may be aliens disguised amongst them compared with those countries with the smaller populations. Maybe the it’s a simple case that in a less populated country you are more likely to know your next door neighbor better.” Feeling more comfortable with your neighbors would make you less paranoid and wary of conspiracies (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) in general and thus more likely to be candid when a pollster called with this particular type of question.

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