It turns out that there really is such a thing as a Healing Touch (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show). And praying for a sick person may help too. A growing number of medical facilities are utilizing Healing Touch, which is a gentle, noninvasive therapy shown to facilitate the relaxation response to enhance the healing process. Research shows that, in addition to inducing a deep sense of calm and relaxation, Healing Touch helps to reduce pain, decrease anxiety, promote sleep and improve an overall sense of well-being.

Healing Touch trained volunteers, gently place their hands on or above a person’s “energy centers” of the body. The patient is fully clothed. The goal is to strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself by restoring balance and harmony to the body’s energy system.

Meanwhile, findings from a new international study of healing prayer suggest that prayer for another person’s healing just might help, especially if the one praying is physically near the person being prayed for. The World Health Organization estimates that 278 million people, 80% of whom live in developing countries, have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears; and 314 million people, 87% of whom live in developing countries, are visually impaired. Only a tiny fraction of these populations currently receive any treatment.

Subjects who were prayed for exhibited improved hearing and vision that was statistically significant after prayer was administered. Two subjects with impaired hearing improved and three subjects had their tested vision improve from 20/400 or worse to 20/80 or better. These improvements are much larger than those typically found in suggestion and hypnosis studies. Researcher Candy Gunther Brown says, “When people feel that they have a serious need for healing, they are willing to try almost anything.”

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