Hugh Ross is an astronomer and a Christian who believes in UFOs?but he doesn’t think they come from other planets. He says 99% of the UFOs people report to him are easily identifiable as a star, cluster of planets, or other object in the night sky. The remaining 1% are what interest him.

In 1969, Ross met two astronomers who were having regular UFO encounters. Both were involved in occult activity, and Ross thinks there?s a connection. Countries with a high degree of occult activity, such as Russia during the Soviet era, France, and certain parts of Brazil, also have high percentages of UFO encounters. During Russia’s Soviet period, when every expression of religion except occult activity was outlawed, he says, “Russians were seeing UFOs at five to eight times the rate Americans were.”

When he meets someone who’s seen a UFO, Ross gives them a checklist about their occult activities. He says, “Typically what I discover is if it?s a residual UFO encounter, the person will be checking off four or five things on the list. The more involved in occult activities they are, the more likely they are to have encounters and the more likely they are to have repeat encounters.” One example he points to is the Raelians, who recently claimed to have produced two human clones. He says the members of this group are heavily involved in the occult.

One explanation for this is that occult influences may open the mind to the possibility of other realities. The reason for the high incidence of child abuse reported by abductees in one survey could be that early sexual abuse causes a tear in what the child perceives as reality, opening him up to new experiences. It may not be that some people are “chosen,” but that only some of us are able to see UFOs and visitors, due to our experiences.

Ross doesn’t believe in extraterrestrial life, but says, “If I’m proved incorrect, it won?t bother me. We look at it as an entertaining debate point.”

Our government certainly believes in UFOs?at least they?re keeping plenty of secrets about them.

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