After the exciting news that there may be water on Mars, Australian geologist Nick Hoffman says that the gullies near the south pole that form as the ice cap retreats in the spring are made by gaseous carbon dioxide, not water, meaning there may be no life on Mars. He thinks there’s no liquid?frozen or otherwise?on Mars at all. This means there’s no possibility of life on Mars. Hoffman says, “Mars is not a cold Earth. It is a different world, it works in another way. It is more like a warmer version of Europa, a moon of Jupiter, than our Earth.”

He says, “In the Martian Spring, carbon dioxide frost and snow at temperatures of minus 130 degrees Celsius fill the valleys, yet the flow events are occurring. But at such low temperatures everything turns to concrete so whatever is moving cannot be a liquid. Nothing based on water can flow at these temperatures, so the culprit must be avalanches of gaseous carbon dioxide and rocky debris?Without liquid water there cannot be life and despite recent reports of more and more ice on the Red Planet, NASA has yet to find liquid water.” This may also be a blow to the theory that life traveled to Earth on asteroids from Mars, making us all Martians.

Once human life appeared on Earth, we traveled much further, much earlier, than scientists once thought.

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