Tommy Woodard, of the Utah Film Commission, was taking a video of the Utah countryside, when he captured a UFO on video. He says, “When I was shooting the picture, I didn’t see the object?In all my pictures, I’ve never seen anything like this.

“I didn’t get out of the car when I took the specific shot. I just leaned up to the car window, took the shot and kept driving.”

Jim Dilettoso, an expert at identifying hoaxed UFO images, analyzed the video, says, “Bottom line: It’s not a fake. I can’t find any evidence that it was digitally faked.” But he says, “?Just because it’s a 20- to 30-foot object, a couple hundred feet away, doesn’t mean it’s an alien spacecraft. We then have a flying, hovering disc-shaped object that goes into the category of unknown aircraft because we don’t have an aircraft on Earth that can hover like that.” Dilettoso is also analyzing the Mexico Air Force UFO video.

Woodard says, “This just looks incredibly like the pictures that you’ve seen on TV before. It’s unidentified, it’s flying, and it’s an object.”

Leah Haley has had a classic experience with close encounter. From small triangular marks appearing on her body to harassment by black helicopters, she’s known the pressure, the strangeness and the terror involved. But she has gone far beyond all that, into a level of wisdom seldom reached by anybody. Hear her latest interview on the subscriber section!

Photo Credit: NewsChannel3

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