U.S. officials say that during the past 4 days, they have been talking with senior members of the Iraqi regime about a possible surrender. Washington has relayed their terms for surrender and assured top government officials they’ll be spared if they cooperate. In a good will gesture, we’ve allowed Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri to leave Iraq for Cairo to discuss terms of surrender with Egyptian resident Hosni Mubarak, who has played a major role in these talks.

Some of our conditions are that no nonconventional weapons or medium-range missiles be used in any attack. Another demand is that Iraqi forces end sabotage operations against oil wells and civilian infrastructure, such as bridges. So far, Iraqi leaders appear to be fulfilling most of these demands.

The U.S. expects that any agreement between Baghdad and Washington will include guarantees that aides of Saddam Hussein will be given safe haven outside Iraq. We are able to have these talks because the U.S. is convinced that, while Saddam is still alive, he’s injured to the extent that he is no longer directly running the war or the country, and Iraqi soldiers are merely fighting to survive.

Saddam’s older son, Uday, is believed to have been seriously injured in the initial attack on Iraq, but his influence on the government is limited. Qusay is the son who has been picked as Saddam’s heir, but the U.S. doesn’t think he’s functioning in the government, although intelligence thinks he survived.

If we want to know if Saddam and his sons are alive, why don’t we use some Psi Spies?

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