In an eerie reprise of one of the world’s great UFO flaps,the Belgian incidents of 1989, a huge triangular object wasobserved over Paris two nights ago. The object, recreatedhere by French UFO observer Mathieu Cozanet, was seen atabout 9:50 PM, moving slowly through the night sky at almostrooftop altitude. The witness was in a small public park at thecorner of Rue d’Alesia and Rue Vercingeton in the 1stArrondissment. It was a dark and, for Paris, unusually clearnight, and he chanced to look up to see the stars. At thatmoment, he saw the craft, just visible against thenight sky, moving across the Rue Vercingeton anddisappearing over the roofs of buildings, as shown in Mr.Cozanet’s recreation. Unfortunately, the other personpresent was looking in another direction and did not seeanything.

On June 30, 2004, another witness in Paris observed atriangular object, lit with a white light at each cornerand a red one in the center, passing silentlyoverhead. Shortly thereafter a second triangle appeared,this one brightly lit, and remained visible for a few seconds.

A National Institute of Discovery Science assessmentpublished in 2004 stated that “the United States iscurrently experiencing a wave of Flying Triangle sightingsthat may have intensified in the 1990s, especially towardsthe latter part of the 1990s. The wave continues. The FlyingTriangles are being openly deployed over and near populationcenters, including in the vicinity of major InterstateHighways.”

While it went on to say that “neither the agenda nor theorigin of the Flying Triangles are currently known,” it alsopointed out that the eyewitness observations were consistentwith the routine and open deployment of an “unacknowledgedadvanced” aircraft by the Department of Defense–or the opendeployment of something not under the control of the USgovernment. It concluded that “in the post 9/11 era…it iscertainly conceivable that deployment of low altitudesurveillance platforms is routine and open.”

The triangles have been observed by witnesses worldwidesince the 1950s, which mitigates against their being secretUS aircraft. In his article, investigatorand scholar Richard Dolan describes a typical early blacktriangle case: “On a clear fall night in Hastings,Minnesota, multiple witnesses saw a triangular craftapproach from the east at a high rate of speed. When it wasnearly overhead at about 5,000 feet, it “stopped dead in itstracks. The object had a reddish orange light at each ofits corners; these lights sometimes turned greenish. It satmotionless and silent for half a minute, then made a slow180 degree turn, “leaving a vapor trail.” It then satmotionless for a few seconds before it took off at an amazingspeed. It stopped dead at a point about 15 miles away fromthem. It then lifted straight up “at incredible speed” andwas gone.

This excellent multiple witness sighting suggestscapabilities for this aircraft that may not have beenavailable to earthly technologies in the 1960s, and crediblereports of the triangles go back as far as the 1950s.

To read’s report on the NIDS assessment,clickhere. To read Richard Dolan’s report for UFOEvidence,click here.

In the past, sightings of these objects have tended to takeplace in clusters, and it will be worth noting if furtherobservations take place at this point in Europe.

To read Mr. Cozanet’s description of the recent Parissighting and see his recreations,clickhere.

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