A strange streak of light was seen in the skies abovethe Hawaiian Islands last December. It turns out that theNight Sky Live (NSL) projecthas web cameras continuously watching the nightsky?searching for UFOs? That’s probably not part of theproject’s mission description, but they seem to haverecorded one anyway.

NASA reports that on December 17, camera on top of thevolcano Haleakala on Maui captured something mysteriousmoving inthe sky. A camera on a nearby island recorded the samething, so it couldn’t have simply been an anomaly. It alsocouldn’t have been a satellite, since no satellites werepassing by at that time.

At present, the object remains an unknown. You can see ananimation of its movement across the sky atNASA’S website.

One of the most incredible UFO stories of all time was theincident of theFlatwoodsMonster?a twelve foot being from a crashed spacecraft whoterrorized a town in Virginia!

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