An unknown disease is hitting Los Angeles, San Francisco,Austin and other areas, and ifit’s not actually a new disease, doctors think it must bemass hysteria. People are getting lesions on their bodiesthat are filledwith strange, string-like fibers. The lesions start out asitchy bumps. Given the fact that leisons appear, as well asparasite-like fibers, it is hard to see how a diagnosis ofhysteria can stand.

When anurse suffering from the disease went to the hospital tohave it treated, she was almost sent to a mentalinstitution. A male medical assistant was driven so crazy bythe lesions, he committed suicide. His girlfriend now hassymptoms.

More than 1,200 people nationwide?children as well asadults?have the same skin lesions and bizarre fibers. Mostpatients are in the medical profession, meaning it may besome sort of superbug they’ve caught from the hospitalenvironment. Superbugs are bacteria that evolve in hospitalsto become resistant to most antibiotics.

Another theory suggests this is Lyme Disease, caught fromtick bites. Close up inspection of the stringy fibers showthey are actually tiny of tubes of protein. So far, no onehas been able to identify a disease that produces such symptoms.

Sufferers have called the disease Morgellons Syndrome,after a 16th century medical text that contains adescription of it. Their website

Let’s hope they find a cure soon, since most folks aren’tyet ready for theafterlife.In a triumphant return from her own near death experience,Anne Strieber interviews this author on Mysterious Powersthis weekend?be sure to listen! Just click “MysteriousPowers” on our masthead and if you have problems, click”Listening Problems?” directly underneath.

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