The question about whethertriangle-shapedUFOs are alien craft or secret government planes continues.These triangles, often flashing brightly-colored lights, areoften seen flying over highly populated areas, and they’vebeen spotted all over the world. If they’re secret militarycraft, why aren’t they trying to hide?

Leonard David writes in that a recent study by theNational Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) that says,”The United States is currently experiencing a wave ofFlying Triangle sightings that may have intensified in the1990s, especially towards the latter part of the 1990s. Thewave continues. The Flying Triangles are being openlydeployed over and near population centers, including in thevicinity of major Interstate Highways?Neither the agenda northe origin of the Flying Triangles are currently known.”Colm Kelleher of NIDS has been tracking reports of thesecraft for several years, using data from NIDS itself, MUFON(The Mutual UFO Network) and UFO researcher Larry Hatch.

While triangular-shaped UFOs have been reported since the1970s, the recent wave has taken place between 1990 and2004. After investigating whether these are secret militaryplanes, NIDS reports that the way they behave “does notappear consistent with the covert deployment of an advancedDoD [U.S. Department of the Defense] aircraft.” Thisreverses an earlier report in which NIDS stated that sincetriangle UFOs are so often seen near military bases, theymust be military craft. The new report asks why, if theseare secret and perhaps anti-terrorist craft, they callattention to themselves by being brightly lit and are flownover heavily populated areas where they can be easily seen.

NIDS finds the idea that these may not be military craft”disturbing, especially during the post 9/11 era when theUnited States airspace is extremely heavily guarded andmonitored.” Kelleher says, “However, I cannot say whetherthese are U.S. Air Force aircraft. We simply don’t know. Butit does not appear to be consistent with the covert patternsof deployment we saw with the F-117 and B-2 prior to theiracknowledgement. This is open, even brazen.”

Before their existence was acknowledged by the military, thesecret F-117 and B-2 secret craft were rarely seen, and thenonly over sparsely populated desert areas. The NIDS studysays, “In contrast, the Flying Triangle deployment,especially during the 1990s, appears more consistent withthe open and public operation of these aircraft.” Manypeople who have seen other types of UFOs note that theydon’t seem to try to hide in any way.

In recent years, it is widely believed in the aeronauticscommunity that the United States has developed a plane knownas the TR-3B that is large, triangular in shape, and hascharacteristics that are somewhat similar to the objectsthat cause the flying triangle reports. However, the firstof triangle UFOs were reported in the early seventies, longbefore even the most secret American aircraft had suchcharacteristics. And if the TR-3B is still secret, why isn’tit trying to hide?

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