Hurricane Frances has left a hundred thousand Floridianshomeless and four million without power, and is nowthreatening to move out into the Gulf of Mexico where itcould regain strength.

Coming on the heels of the damage from Charley, the damagecaused by Hurricane Frances has significantly harmedFlorida’s economy, not to mention the death and humansuffering involved.

Questions are being asked: why did Charley become so muchmore powerful so suddenly; and why is Frances so huge? Andwhy has Asia been slammed by 16 typhoons and super-typhoonsthis season?

The answers to all of these questions have to do with theway Global Warming is changing earth’s atmosphere. The loweratmosphere is getting warmer because it’s high content ofCarbon Dioxide does not allow the heat to radiate into theupper atmosphere and space. Because of this, the upperatmosphere is getting colder.

Storms are nature’s way of responding to imbalances of airpressure, atmospheric moisture and heat. The loweratmosphere is becoming more moist and the upper atmospheremore dry, and the heat difference has changed dramaticallyover the past few years.

This has changed the way storms develop and function onearth, meaning that they will develop faster and bestronger. This trend will continue indefinitely, and growworse.

At the present time, there is more carbon dioxide in earth’satmosphere than there has been in fourteen million years,and levels rose twice as fast as expected in 2003. Fourteenmillion years ago, earth had a much more stable climaticstructure, with a planet-girdling ocean current that movedthrough what is now Central America, making the weather morestable.

Unless the United States, Europe and China take massiveemergency action in the next two to four years to curb theirCO2 emissions, vast destruction and human suffering areinevitable. The United States and China have no such plans,and do not intend even to consider them.

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