and one SQUARE – People often expect the “saucer-shaped” craft to be the most common form of UFOs, but a surprising number of sightings are of triangle-shaped craft. The photo illustrating this story is from a sighting that took place in California on March 16, but there have been other recent sightings of mysterious flying triangles, including a SQUARE UFO (TWO triangles?) in Scotland.

One of them turned up in Texas on March 20. A couple driving home on a highway at night saw four lights in the sky in a V-ormation, which started off about 50 feet off the ground then slowly rose to a height of about a thousand feet before it disappeared. It made no sound.

In the UFO Examiner, Roger Marsh quotes the husband as saying, “I grew up on various Air Force bases and can recognize any military or commercial aircraft by sight and what we witnessed is nothing I have ever seen before.”

In Inverness, Scotland on April 17, Joan Morrison saw a large square object in the sky. In the Highland News, Donald Wilson quotes Morrison as saying, “I’m not a sci-fi buff or anything like that but I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I suppose it can best be described as a big square thing with a yellow and orange glow. There was no sound so it definitely wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. The object wasn’t flashing but remained very bright and was hovering – moving from right to left and back again. The light I saw was orange and yellow and it was a large, flat square. I had a really good view.It was right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing pass straight by my window. It’s something I’ve never witnessed before and I was amazed.” (orange UFOs are very common as well).

Back in the US, in Las Vegas on April 21st at about 10 p.m., a pilot and his wife happened to look up as they waited outside to get into a casino show. They saw a strange craft almost directly overhead and were able to watch it for between 8-10 minutes. The husband attempted to video it but was unsuccessful.

In the UFO Examiner, Roger Marsh quotes the pilot as saying, that it was “a triangular formation of lights, an open V-shape, perhaps three times wider than it was tall. The leading point of the V was directed several degrees west of due north.”

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