Scientists are still working on creating invisibility and have now found a way to make objects invisible in near-infrared light. Soon they may be able to create invisibility in full-spectrum light (the kind we see).Mechanical engineer Xiang Zhang has created what he calls a “carpet cloak” made up of mesh fabric. He makes some parts of the object cloaked invisible, and alters the look of the object, by filling up some of the holes, while leaving the others empty. In BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes Zhang as saying, “Essentially, we are transforming a straight line of light into a curved line around the cloak, so you don’t perceive any change in its pathway.”

We don’t see many things that are NOT invisible, that are right in front of us. One person who shows us what’s really there is Dreamland host William Henry, who has a new show called Revelations. Come meet him in person at our Dreamland Festival in Nashville this June, and remember: subscribers get 10% off ticket prices!

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